Government Administration Agency of Buenos Aires City (AGC) Accelerates Business License Processing by 80%.

Government Administration Agency of Buenos Aires City (AGC) licenses, regulates, and imposes sanctions on all business activity in the city of Buenos Aires.


• Implement a scalable, highly-available IT infrastructure to help the agency reliably handle data and administer the city’s businesses.

• Create a secure, robust database to centralize and integrate sensitive information regarding the city and its businesses.

• Provide an accessible tool with online self-service capabilities for citizens to quickly carry out transactions for business licenses and permits.

• Accelerate processes for licensing, inspecting, and issuing permits to improve citizen services and raise satisfaction levels.


• MOST Group implement a scalable, high-availability IT architecture, improving security in handling the city’s business information.

• Established a robust, reliable database with Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, centralizing and integrating the agency’s sensitive information on the city and its businesses in relation to business licenses and permits.

• Handled and administered data on more than 250,000 business licenses in the city of Buenos Aires efficiently.

• Implemented Oracle WebLogic Portal to provide self-service capabilities for licensing and permit transactions, improving citizen satisfaction.

• Accelerated simple business licensing transactions by 80%.

• Reduced IT administration and maintenance costs by 20%.


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