Allianz Argentina Integrates Information and Data Visibility Extends Reliable

Allianz Insurance Company Argentina SA is a business property insurance for cars, industries , and life insurance .
In 1999 the international acquisition of AGF occurs by Allianz Group and since November 2007 the insurance company disclosed the new brand . Allianz has six branches in Argentina.


• Implement IT infrastructure scalable and flexible to support business growth .

• Centralize information in a database that allows extended visibility of information across the organization.

• Standardize reliable business information related to the different lines of insurance to streamline decision- making by directors and managers .

• Provide unified reporting as reliable indicators that facilitate and improve business performance analysis .


•MOST Group implemented a scalable infrastructure and flexible IT, supporting business growth.

• Oracle Database Enterprise Edition was implemented by centralizing business information from various lines of insurance, which improved communication and decision making between the six branches.

• Standardization of information in a single portal with the help of Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition, extending visibility of reliable information to managers and directors.

• Reduced time accounting close four days to three hours.

• Reduce the amount of staff effort required to collect commercial and technical information related to different lines of insurance by 50%.

• Creating reliable indicators of business performance, generating 20 reports statements of income, changes in stocks of the company and sales results of the agents.

• Establishment of a historical record of five years online, which facilitated the analysis of the business cycle and accelerated decision making by managers and directors.


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