Exolgan SA Integrate and Automate Operations Port Logistics in a Scalable Platform
Exolgan SA It is one of the companies port logistics and most important of the five containers that exist in Argentina.
It specializes in developing, coordinating, integrate and manage logistics and port processes.
Currently, Exolgan S.A. port is the largest container terminal in Argentina to handle 33% of the country containers.


• Unify operating systems to establish a platform flexible , modern and scalable.

• Achieving full access to information in a database robust , high availability, nonexistent in Exolgan.

• Accelerate port logistics operations within a 24×7 availability scheme , ensuring that sustain operations productivity agreements established with boats.

• Most Group worked on the unification of systems and business applications for incorporation in a flexible and scalable platform.

• Implemented Oracle Database 10g to integrate all information into a database safe, reliable and accessible data.

• Oracle Application Server was used , achieving an adequate flow of information online and in real time between employees Exolgan SA and their clients.

• Achieved a timely update and 24×7 availability of reliable information with Oracle Partitioning .

• Automation of port logistics operations and customer service with Oracle Fusion Middleware , reaching a 30 % annual growth business

• Utilization Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Real Application.

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