Los Grobo

Los Grobo Group Optimize Business Processes and Improves Collaboration

Since its establishment in 1984 , Grupo Los Grobo has evolved from a farming family business to become one of the major grain producers in Argentina . Currently, Los Grobo Group is composed by several companies and coordinates its extensive food chain in domestic and foreign markets through its extensive network of trade partner .


• Increase operational efficiency.

• Allow making more agile and informed decisions.

• Improve communication and internal collaboration.

• Centralize management of customer service.


• Oracle Database Standard was established to integrate the 30 branches and Group companies.

• Improved data integrity and broad access to critical business information, resulting in faster and informed decisions.

• Reduced maintenance costs by converting to Oracle in the standard, to reduce the complexity of information technology.

• Maximizing productivity through a share for storing emails and process for filing, which was achieved with Oracle Collaboraton Suite.

• Optimization of the reporting and analysis of critical data in real time, through Oracle Business Intelligence.

• MOST Group, made the design configuration and analysis of the data warehouse, creating a collaborative environment.

• Los Grobo Group adopted a strategy of hosted application, choosing Most Group to manage Oracle infrastructure company.

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