Mobile Solution

Mobile Solution – Georeferenced survey of vertical signaling traffic throughout Buenos Aires City

The Secretariat for Transport is the area responsible for traffic and transport system of Buenos Aires City.
This organization has designed the Sustainable Mobility Plan of the Government of Buenos Aires City , which seeks to rearrange the traffic so we can all move fast, safe and orderly manner in our city, helping to improve the quality of life for all people who live or move around the city and improved environmental quality.


• Having an inventory of all vertical signs of the City that is reliable, and which can generate a policy of replacement and maintenance.

• Having the exact location of each signal , basic and systematic same status information and photographs reflecting their general conditions.

• Browse all Buenos Aires City (12,000 blocks ) in a short time period.

• Store all information and to use it in support of political rearrangement of transit and maintenance and replacement of signs , operating on the initial inventory.


• A customized solution Most Mobile Tool Group, capable of operating on any platform for smart phones (IOS , Android , Windows , Blackberry , etc ) was implemented.

• The Back Office application allows you to manage the operation of the staff survey , assigning tasks and managing the results thereof , generate custom check list for each type of survey , determining the sequence of questions and answers combos possible , capture GPS positions , photographs, reading QR codes and Bars.

• The module BI application allows to obtain performance statistics and results, mapping the surveys.

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