MOST Group incorporates Movilizer technology as a basis for our mobility platform that allows an affordable, fast, simple, and proven way to transfer information systems to and from mobile devices of all types. This platform allows us to offer:


  • Professional advice to help our clients define and implement a mobility strategy.
  • Use in SaaS mode “Mobility Solutions”, based on success stories.
  • Development of specific customized solutions.

We are certain that we can create a solution that fits the needs of your company given that the platform:


  • Runs natively on multiple mobile platforms (Windows phone, Apple Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android Smartphone / Windows tablets / Linux tablets [Full java 32 and 64 bits], Symbian, Bada, Sonim, Small java).
  • It can be created and controlled from practically any management system
  • It supports different usage models (online / offline)
  • Provides full data security (encryption, https …)
  • Allows full device access (barcode & RFID, signature capture, GPS data capturing, technical drawing, photo capture, mobile printers, etc.)
  • Allows a customized synchronizations management (push, auto …)
  • It can be integrated with practically any backend system (integration concept)
  • Provides mobility solutions aimed at Smart Cities, standard solutions covering SAP modules (PM / CS, IS / U, DSD, SD, T & T, Workflow, MM / WM, FSV, FI-AA, QM), integration with Oracle, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, etc.
  • It includes tools for controlling the entire lifecycle of the mobile application.